Salt Creek Civil War Round Table

 Established 1962
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Harvey L. Long, * Chairman
Elmhurst, IL

Mitchell Kostro, * Treasurer
Elmhurst, IL

N. P. Luginbill, Vice Chairman
Glen Ellyn, IL

Mrs. Howard E. Steele, * FOUNDER & Secretary, Glen Ellyn, IL

The Executive Committee

Arthur E. House
Glen Ellyn, IL

Dr. Royal K. Schmidt *
Elmhurst, IL

Edwin E. Pile
Elmhurst, IL

Thomas R. Wiley
Bensenville, IL

Charter Members

Alan C. Aimone

Charleston, IL

Lloyd Hamm

Lombard, IL

John Meitzke

Lombard, IL

Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. Albers,
Lombard, IL

Mrs. Fred D. Hancock

Glen Ellyn, IL

Allen Rogers

Bensenville, IL

H. A. Berens

Elmhurst, IL

Ralph Hwastecki

Lombard, IL

Mr. & Mrs. Orville H. Ross
Wheaton, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Anton J. Bjorklund,
 Elmhurst, IL

William C. Jerome

Elmhurst, IL

J. E. Sheehan

Elmhurst, IL

George W. Carlton

Glen Ellyn, IL

Corky Kellan

Lombard, IL

Leroy Short

Elmhurst, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Evers

Elmhurst, IL

Carl Kilian

Lombard, IL

William K. Stock

Lombard, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Francis,
Itasca, IL

Jeff Kincaid

Lombard, IL

Randy Swanson

Lombard, IL

E. Finch & Grif

Glen Ellyn, IL

Dr. P. J. Meginnis

Roselle, IL

Richard H. Tillotson

Elmhurst, IL

William C. Griffin

Wheaton, IL

Mrs. Dorothy Murgatroyd
Western Springs, IL

* Spouse is also counted as a member.

Marilyn Steele, a young wife and mother of two children founded the Salt Creek Civil War Round Table in 1962. Harvey L. Long, a member of the Chicago Round Table, became the first Chairman, or President. The round table was named after Salt Creek, which runs through many of the communities where its members resided.

Presidents of the Salt Creek
Civil War Round Table

1962 - 1963

Harvey Long

1963 - 1964

Dr. Royal Schmidt (deceased, 1983)

1964 - 1965

Edwin Pile (deceased, 1986)

1965 - 1966

N. P. Luginbill

1966 - 1967

George Carlton

1967 - 1969

Donald Sikorski

1969 - 1970

Don Nixon (deceased, May 1984)

1970 - 1972

Roger Wilhelm (d. March 2006)

1972 - 1973

Ralph Baumheckel

1973 - 1974

Jay Perkins

1974 - 1976

Gale Pewitt

Sept. ‘76 - Sept. ‘77

No Permanent President

1977 - 1979

William Thomas (d. August 24, 2006)

1979 - 1981

Roger Carlson (deceased, 1994)

1981 - 1983

Paul Neeson

1983 - 1985

Herman DeBoer (d.May 13, 2000)

1985 - 1987

Kurt Carlson

1987 - 1989

Douglas H. Smith

1989 - 1991

Daniel McCarthy

1991 - 1992

John Lapinski


Jim Soens (d. Dec. 23, 2008)

1994 - 1995

Roger Bohn


Kim Foster


Cindy Intravartolo


Don Sender

1999 - 2000

Janet Linhart

2001 – 2002

Brian Ruxton


Tony Cichantk


Rick Zarr

Jan Rasmussen
Art Foley
Cindy Intravartolo
Kurt Carlson

Until the end of John Lapinski’s term, presidents served from September to September. After John, the term became the calendar year. (Joyce Clark, long-time member and former Newsletter Editor contributed this information).

March 29, 1962: First Meeting of SCCWRT Fifty-five people attended the first meeting of the round table in Elmhurst’s new YMCA. They came from Elmhurst (19), Elmhurst College (11), Glen Ellyn (7), Wheaton (4), Maywood (3), Geneva (3), Hinsdale (2) West Chicago (2) and (1) each from Bensenville, Downer’s Grove, Lombard and Villa Park. Twenty-seven people remained for the executive session after the program. Four Chicago Civil War Round Table members were welcomed to the initial Salt Creek meeting. The last Friday of the month was set up as the meeting date. Initially, there were no dues – only donations for expenses. The treasurer reported contributions of $20 by 16 members at the first business session. Bills were paid for the rent of the meeting room and printing, amounting to $17, leaving a balance of $3.

November 1962: By November a bank account was established and dues set at $5 per individual, $1 per student. Dues remained at $5 for over twenty years when in January 1983 it was decided to increase to $6 per individual, $1 per student. Dues increased to $10 in 1988, and $15 in 1992. Dues increased to $25 in 2000 to cover the cost of the room fee at the College of DuPage

October 1964: Mrs. Howard E. Steele, FOUNDER and 1st secretary, becomes the first newsletter editor.


Newsletter Editors

Jan. 1965 – Oct. 1965

George Carlton

Oct. 1965 – April 1967

Harvey L. Long

Oct. 1967 – May 1969

Roger Wilhelm

Oct. 1969 – Sept. 1980

Don Sikorski

Oct. 1980 - Oct. 1988

Glenn & Joyce Clark

Nov. 1988 – Sept. 1991

Ralph Harmon, Adrienne Harmon Hanrahan

Oct. 1991 – Dec. 2003

Robert Girardi

Jan. 2004 - June 2009

Dan McCarthy

Sept. 2009 - present

Jennifer Warner

October 22, 1965: First Annual Dinner Banquet is held at the Student Center at Elmhurst College. Alice Hamilton Cromie was the speaker; she wrote " A Tour Guide to the Civil War." Dinner cost $2.75.

Annual Dinner Banquets

October 28, 1966

Elmhurst College at Student Center. $3

Dr. Glenn Williams, Dean of Student Academic Services at Eastern Ill. University, "Gray Wednesday – Blue Friday: The Battle of Gettysburg".

October , 1967

Elmhurst College $3.50

Warren A. Reader, past president of Chicago CWRT, "The Twenty-Seventh Indiana Regiment".

September, 1968

Glen Ellyn Holiday Inn. $5

Lloyd D. Miller, past president of Chicago CWRT, "The Second Day at Gettysburg".

October 17, 1969

Petersen’s Stone Cottage (Elmhurst). $5

Clyde C. Walton, current president of Chicago CWRT and Director of the Library Dept. at Northern Ill. University, "Illinois and the Civil War".

October 30, 1970

Petersen’s Stone Cottage

Lloyd D. Miller, "The Battle of Franklin".

October 29, 1971

Holiday Inn (Oak Brook) $6

Earl Kubicek, PhD, "Lincoln and the Fair Sex".

October 20, 1972

Holiday Inn (Oak Brook) $6

Richard Blake, "A Look at Lincoln," first person presentation of Lincoln.

October 18, 1974

Glen Oaks Country Club (Glen Ellyn) $9

Jerry Warshaw, "The General", film on the great locomotive chase.

November 19, 1976 $9

Arley’s Restaurant (Lombard)

Alice Hamilton Cromie, author of "A Tour Guide of the Civil War" and "Guide Book of the Old West".

November 18, 1977

Arley’s Restaurant $9

Rev. Alfred L. Perkins, Jr., "Lincoln in Indiana".

November 17, 1978

Arley’s Restaurant $10

Merlin E. Sumner, "The Spirit of U.S. Grant".

November 16, 1979

Branding Iron Restaurant ( Downers Grove) $10

Mrs. Pat Newman, wife of Ralph Newman, "The General’s Lady" (Julia Dent Grant)

November , 1980

Morris Bryant Smorgasbord (Burr Ridge /Hinsdale) $10

Joseph Eisendrath, past president Chicago CWRT, "Myths about Lincoln".

November , 1981 $11

Morris Bryant Smorgasbord

Paul Beaver, History instructor at Lincoln College, "The Women in Lincoln’s Life".

November 19, 1982

Seafari Restaurant $14

Rev. Eugene Winkler, Religion in the Civil War, "From Harriet Beecher Stowe to General Polk".

November 4, 1983

Richard’s Lilac Lodge


Dan Lapinski, past president of Chicago CWRT, "The Mystery of the John Wilkes Booth Mummy".

November 2, 1984

Richard’s Lilac Lodge


William J. Sullivan, Vice President of Chicago CWRT, "Capt. James Waddell and the Voyage of the Shenandoah".

November 1, 1985 $12.50

Richard’s Lilac Lodge

Charles J. Shields, "Mr. Lincoln Goes to Gettysburg: The Mission and the Masterpiece".

November 7, 1986

White Fence Farm (Lemont)


Carl G. Rumps, "The Medical Service of the Union Army, as seen by Dr. Daniel Meeker, Lt. Col., Reg Surgeon".

September 18, 1987

The Cypress (Hinsdale) $16

25th Anniversary! Edwin C. Bearss, Chief Historian of the National Park Service, Washington, DC, "JEB Sturart vs. Nathan Bedford Forrest".

October 7, 1988

The Cypress $16.50

Marshall D. Krolick, "Captain to Brigadier: The Promontion of Custer, Merritt, and Farnsworth".

November 3, 1989

The Cypress $12.50-19.75

Kurt Carlson, past president of Salt Creek, "Major General Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA".

November 3, 1990

Hotel President (Lockport) $9

Max & Donna Daniels (the Lincoln’s), "An Evening with Mr. And Mrs. Lincoln".

November 2, 1991

White Fence Farm $12.50

Arthur Budlong, "Diary of a South Carolina Secession".

September 26, 1992

Cantigny Golf Course $20

Peter Cozzens, author, "The Real Rock of Chickamauga: The 21st Ohio at Horseshoe Ridge".

September 18, 1993

Cantigny Golf Course $20

Bill Sullivan, past president of Chicago CWRT, "William Clarke Quantrill – A Story in Scarlet".

September 23, 1994

Allgauer’s in Lisle-Hilton $25

Marshall D. Krolick, "The Cavalry in the Chancellorsville Campaign".

September 1, 1995

Allgauer’s in Lisle-Hilton $25

Dr. Mary M. Abroe, PhD, past president of Chicago CWRT, "Antietam, An Overview".

September 5, 1996

Allgauer’s Restaurant $25

Dr. Gordon Dammann, National Museum of Civil War Medicine, "If a Collection Could Talk".

September 5, 1997

Allgauer’s Restaurant $25

Bruce Allardice, author of More Generals in Gray, "Civil War Generals: Poltons, Patriots, & Politicians".

September 4, 1998

Café 59 (Naperville) $15

Lance Herdegen, Director of the Institute for Civil War Studies at Carroll College, author of The Men Stood Like Iron: How the Iron Brigade Won Its Name, "Hail to the Chief, Little Mac and Old Abe".

September 3, 1999

Café 59 (Naperville) $15

Gerald J. Prokopowicz, Lincoln scholar/Director of Public Programs at the Lincoln Museum, "Abraham Lincoln’s Good War".

October 6, 2000

Café 59 (Naperville) $17

Ted Karaminski, author of Rally ‘Round the Flag Boys, "Chicago and the Civil War".

October 5, 2001

Allgauer’s $25

Charles Larimer, ed. Love and Valor, "Small Town Stories of the Civil War on the Home Front and in the Field".

March 1, 2002

Allgauer’s Restaurant $30

40th Anniversary! Ed Bearss, "Illinois and Wisconsin Personalities in the Civil War".

June 14, 2003
Allgauer’s $30

Terry Winschel, Chief Historian at Vicksburg, "Vicksburg Illinois’ Tribute: A Temple of Peace".

June 4, 2004
Concorde Banquets $29-31

Richard McMurry, "A New Framework for Civil War History", banquet held with NICWRT

June 3, 2005
Thomas Cartwright of the Carter House, Franklin, TN

June 2, 2006  Allgauer's $35

Patrick Brennan, “The Battle of Nashville”. Due to health issues Mr. Brennan was unable to attend and at the last minute, Dr. Gordon E. Dammann of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, took his place and spoke on, “Civil War Medicine-An Overview”.
June 1, 2007 Allgauer's $35
Patrick Brennan, “The Battle of Nashville”

June 20, 2008

Allgauer’s $35
Cricket Bauer Pohanka: Fezzes and Battlefields: A Story of the Zouvae Soldiers and the Stuff They Left Behind.

June 19, 2009

Allgauer’s $40
Donna Daniels (aka. Mary Lincoln): MTL: The last years of Mary Todd Lincoln"' a first person presentation
June 18, 2010
Allgauer's $40
Daniel Weinberg: Dealing in History Adventures through Historical Artifacts
June 17, 2011
Allgauers's $40
Robert I. Girardi, Salt Creek Vice President, "Illinois Fights the Civil War"
June 15, 2012
Allgauers's $50
50th Anniversary! Edwin C. Bearss: Personal Milestones Along the Way: 50-years of Civil War Round tables
June 21, 2013
Allgauer's $45
Eric A. Jacobson: The Battles of Spring Hill & Franklin, TN
June 20, 2014
Allgauer's $50
Clark B. "Bud" Hall: General John Buford and the 8th Illinois Calvary at the Battle of Brandy Station.
June 19, 2015
Allgauer's $50
Greg Biggs: Debacle on the Rivers: The Fort Henry-Fort Donelson Campaign

November 1966: The meeting changed to the 3rd Friday of the month. In December 1979 the meeting changed to the 1st Friday of the month at Mid-America Federal Savings and Loan in Wheaton.

Meeting Sites Over the Years

March 29, 1962

Elmhurst YMCA

Nov. 11, 1962

Lombard Community House

April 26, 1963

Glen Ellyn Public Library


Glen Ellyn Civic Center


Mid-America Federal Savings and Loan (Wheaton)

June 1986

Land of Lincoln Savings and Loans (Naperville)

Oct. 1987- Dec. 2003

College of DuPage

January 2004-June 2005

Lisle Hilton of Naperville

Sept. 2005 - present

Oak Trace (formally Fairview Village, Downers Grove

May 19, 1967: Barbara Long, wife of E. B. Long became the 4th woman speaker. (Marilyn Steele, ‘62, Alice Hamilton Cromie ‘65, Dorothy Cashman ‘66.)

June 1, 1968: One of the first tours was to Galena, IL during the centennial of US Grant’s first presidential campaign. Lodging was available at Grant Hill’s Motel (1 bed $9, 2 beds $15, 3 beds $18)

Field Trips Over the Years

May 1970 Springfield Tour

Lincoln’s Home and Tomb, Camp Butler Site, State Capitol Building, New Salem Village

1976 Indiana Tour

Cancelled due to poor response

September 21, 1981
Belvidere, IL.

Boone County Historical Museum, Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut’s grave

September 19, 1982
Bloomington, IL.

McLean County Historical Society Museum

September 7, 1985

Chicago Historical Society Tour of Civil War Memorabilia.

September 13, 1986
Galena, IL.

DeSoto House Hotel, Homes of Generals Rawlins & Rowley, Grant’s pre-war home on High St., Homes of General Maltby and Dr. Kittoe, Washburne Home, Dinner with General Grant (Mr. Paul LeGreco) and following dinner a Gaslight evening tour of Grant’s post-war home.

September 5, 1987
Kenosha, WI.

Civil War Museum at Carthage College

September 10, 1988
Rock Island, IL.

Rock Island Arsenal

September 9-10, 1989 Springfield Tour

Ill State Historical Society, Old State Capitol Building, Lincoln’s Law Office, Springfield Railroad Depot, Lincoln’s Home and Visitors Center, GAR Museum, Lincoln’s Tomb, also Ann Rutledge’s Grave ( Petersburg, IL) and Lincoln College Museum (Lincoln, IL)

September 8, 1990 Crawfordsville IN.

Henry Smith Lane House, Lew Wallace Home, Crawfordsville Cemetery

September 1991 Kalamazoo MI.

Trip cancelled due to lack of interest

October 4, 1992

Chicago Cemetery Tour and Civil War Monuments

October 17, 1993 Madison, WI.

Wisconsin Memorial to Wisconsin Medal of Honor Winners, State Capitol Building, Veteran’s Museum, Camp Randall, Forest Hill Cemetery

October 1, 1994 Princeton, IL

Bureau County Historial Society, Owen Lovejoy House

October 12, 1996
Fort Wayne IN.

Lincoln Museum

October 18,1997
Kenosha, WI; Waukesha, WI; Delafield, WI.

Frank A. Palumbo Civil War Museum, Carthage College; Institute for Civil War Studies, Carroll College; Civil War Library of W. Norman Fitzgerald; Waukesha County Museum; Cushing Memorial Park, Delafield

October 17, 1998
Galena, IL

U.S. Grant State Home, Elihu G. Washburne House, Grant Park, "Tea & Tarts" with Mrs. Grant, Original Grant Family Home, Galena Historical Society Museum, Dinner with General Grant.

October 2, 1999

The Civil War in the Fox Valley, IL.

North Cemetery (grave of Gen. John Farnsworth), Langum Park-Camp Kane (training ground for 8th Illinois Cavalry), South Cemetery, Howard House, Eastside Cemetery (African-American Civil War Monument), Batavia Depot Museum, Bellevue Place, Westside Cemetery, GAR Memorial Hall and Military Museum.

October 29, 2000
Madison, WI.

Trip Cancelled

September 23, 2001
Madison, WI.

Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum, Capitol, Camp Randall, Forest Hill Cemetery. Dinner Speaker, John Driscoll on "Wisconsin in the Civil War".

November 24, 2001

Franklin, TN.


Dedication of historical marker, "Federal Forward Line", along Columbia Pike. Tour of Spring Hill Battlefield, Rippavilla Plantation, Carter House, Collin’s Farm, McGavock Cemetery, Carnton.

October 6, 2002

Jerry Feinstein led the Chicago Civil War Cemetery
Tour to Oak Woods, Graceland and Rosehill
and other Civil War related sites in Chicago

October 3-5, 2003

St. Louis Civil War Tour

October 15-17, 2004
Springfield, IL. Civil War Tour of New Salem, Lincoln Home and new Lincoln Library, Old State Capitol and Lincoln Tomb
Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI
October 11, 2014
Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI to see the new movie, "Seeing the Elephant" and the limited exhibit on Illinois and the Civil War.

November 1969: A flag fund was started to purchase a standard size American and Confederate flags to be displayed at the meetings. The flags were first displayed at the December 1969 meeting. Salt Creek members Barbara Cochran and Dr. Ken Hiatt were recognized as major contributors to the flags.

November 15, 1974: Mr. & Mrs. George Carlton became the first husband-wife team to make a presentation, "Life and Letters of General William R. Martin". General Martin was Mrs. Carlton’s great grandfather.

April 18, 1975: Ralph Newman (Founder of Abraham Lincoln Book Shop) was the speaker for the 100th meeting. His topic: "Everything You Wanted to Know About Lincoln, and Were to Afraid to Ask."

May 19, 1978: The first potluck dinner was initiated. In 1983 the dinner was moved to June meeting and continued until June 1993 when the College of DuPage said we could no longer bring in food.

October 20, 1978: Robert Matthews, a high school junior, presented the "Gettysburg Campaign". In October 1979 he presented a program on "Jeb Stuart". He was one of the youngest members of Salt Creek.

February 1, 1980: February Meeting Flea Market. First time items were donated and sold to help Round Table Treasury.

September 14, 1985: SCCWRT participates at the 3rd Annual Midwest Civil War Collector’s Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. It was Herman DeBoer’s idea to get a table to recruit new members. Orland Roberts painted a mural for the background of the display. We’ve set up there every year since 1985.

September 18, 1987: 25th Anniversary!! Edwin C. Bearss, speaks at Annual Banquet on "Jeb Stuart vs. Nathan Bedford Forrest".

November, 1987: Newsletter acknowledges Herman DeBoer for making the speaker’s plaque, He started around 1983 and made the plaques for 8 years; Roger Bohn took over doing the plaques in 1991.

December 7, 1990: A monthly book drawing was started to raise money for battlefield preservation.

December 6, 1991: An annual auction was started at the December meeting for battlefield preservation.

Battlefield Preservation Sites


Fisher’s Hill, Brandy Station




APCWS life-time membership


Bentonville, Brandy Station, Perryville, Longstreet/Thomas Library Trust, APCWS, Illinois Memorial at Vicksburg, Prairie Grove


Brandy Station, APCWS ($525 donated from family in memory of Elmer Pendarvis), Ulysses S. Grant Cottage


Wilson’s Creek, APCWS – Kernstown, Prairie Grove


Perryville, APCWS, Franklin, Bentonville, National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Chicago Historical Society Civil War Symposium, US Grant Cottage, Ralph Newman Chair at Lincoln College


Sponsored the Chicago Historical Society Civil War Symposium, Lincoln Museum, APCWS, Batavia Depot Museum, GAR Memorial Hall.


Sponsor of Chicago Historical Society Civil War Program, Cedar Mountain, US Grant Cottage, Franklin, Civil War Preservation Trust (Brandy Station).



Sponsor of Chicago Historical Society Civil War Symposium, Historical marker at Franklin, TN., Charles Blatherick Memorial, Kernstown Battlefield, Trevilian Station.


Sponsor of the Chicago Historical Society Civil War Program, CWPT for Ed Bearss, CWPT for Schoolhouse Ridge, Shiloh,

Wesley Brainerd Memorial, Franklin,TN March


Restoration of Illinois Memorial at Vicksburg, Sponsor of the Chicago Historical Society Civil War Symposium, CWPT for East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg, Rosehill Cemetery Grave Marker Replacement Project, 36th Illinois Flag Restoration Project

Sponsor of CHS Civil War Symposium, Sponsor of Bloomingdale Hist. Society Gravestone Restoration Project,  Sponsor of Rosehill Cemetery Veteran’s Day program
Newtonia, MO, Pickett’s Mill, GA and Franklin, TN; Sponsor of the Rosehill Cemetery Veteran’s Day program, Belle Boyd House, W. VA; CWPT for Champion Hill, MS
CWPT for Perryville battlefield, Vicksburg National Military Park, Johnson’s Island; Sponsor of the Rosehill Cemetery Veteran’s Day program; CWPT in memory or Margie Bearss
CWPT in memory of Margie Bearss; CWPT for Bentonville, NC; Rosehill Cemetery Veteran’s Day program, Carter House in Franklin, TN, CWPT for Glendale, VA, Friends of the Wilderness (VA) and Johnson’s Island, OH
CWPT for Brandy Station, VA and Champion Hill, MS; Glen Ellyn Historical Society; CWPT in honor of Cricket Bauer Pohanka for her June presentation; Rosehill Cemetery Veteran’s Day program; CWPT in memory of Tom O’Donnell; Albert Cashier Museum & Home Restoration Project
CWPT for Cedar Creek in memory of Jim Soens, Stones River National Battlefield, TN for cleanup after severe storms, CWPT in conjunction with the Chicago CWRT and NICWRT
CWPT for Glendale VA: Johnson's Island OH;CWPT for Brandy Station, VA, Rosehill Cemetary Veterans Day program
CWT (Civil War Trust) for Second Manassas;Illinois State Historical Society for plaques for Camps Butler and Douglas; Rosehill Cemetery Veteran's Day Program
Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL in memory of Rick Benson; CWT for Shiloh in honor of Ed Bearss following the 50th Anniversary Banquet;CWT for Appomattox, Sailor's Creek and Kelly's Ford in memory of Bob Luginbill. Rosehill Cemetery Veterans  Day Ceremony.
Belle Boyd House in memory of Richard Crowe; Franklin, TN in honor of banquet speaker Eric Jacobson. Reed's Bridge at Chickamauga, TN. Rosehill Cemetery Veterans Day Ceremony, CWT end of year projects.
Illinois State Historical Society for the Camp Douglas historical marker; Deborah W. Fitts Battlefield Stewardship Fund (Land Trust of Virginia) presented to Clark B. Hall at the annual banquet, CWT for Gettysburg in memory of Jerry and Joann Feinstein, Rosehill Cemetery  Veteran's Day Ceremony in memory of Jerry Feinstein, CWT for Franklin, TN.
CWT for Reed's Bridge @ Chattanooga and Brown's Ferry @ Chickamauga, CWT for Antietam. Rosehill Cemetery Veteran's Day Ceremony

June 24, 1994: Salt Creek sponsors the 1st concert of the 97th Regimental String Band.

September 1, 1995: The newsletter officially becomes "The Outpost".

December 1995: Kim Foster was elected Salt Creek’s first woman president for the 1996 year.

February 7, 1997: 300th Meeting! Mike Millette spoke on field artillery tactics. We were joined by eight past presidents: Bob Luginbill, Gale Pewitt, Bill Thomas, Doug Smith, Dan McCarthy, Jim Soens, Roger Bohn and Kim Foster.

July 23, 1998: Ralph Newman passed away. He was a major founder of the Civil War Round Table of Chicago in 1940, and advised Mrs. Marilyn Steele in 1962 on the development of the Salt Creek Civil War Round Table.

January 15, 1999: Len Overcash began videotaping our programs at the monthly meetings.

February 6, 1999: Treasurer, Bill Hupp and and Newsletter Editor, Rob Girardi led the first book discussion group at Glen Ellyn Library. Pam Robinson and Brian Ruxton have also led discussion groups

Feb. 6, 1999

Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horwitz.

May 8, 1999

Shiloh by Shelby Foote

Nov. 6, 1999

For Cause and Comrades by James M. McPherson

Jan. 8, 2000

Chancellorsville by Steven W. Sears

May 18, 2002

Army Life in a Black Regiment by Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Oct. 3, 2003

Book discussion on your favorite CW book or a CW book that you recently read

Oct. 1, 2004                  Book discussion on “What are You Currently Reading?” moderated by Rick Zarr
May 4, 2007 Book discussion on “What are You Currently Reading?’
May 2, 2008 Discussion on “Books and Reading” moderated by Dan McCarthy

March 5, 1999: Twenty-two members braved the second major winter storm of the year to attend the 'Blunders of Gettysburg" panel. 18 members voted R.E. Lee the biggest blunderer. $56 was raised for battlefield preservation.

November 3, 2001: Salt Creek donated a roadside historical marker for the Franklin Battlefield. Members of the round table traveled to Franklin for its dedication.

January 2002: Membership dues are raised to $25 because of the increased cost of the meeting room at the College of DuPage. The last increase was in 1992 when it was raised to $15 from $10.

March 1, 2002: 40th Anniversary!! Edwin C. Bearss, Civil War’s "Pied Piper", spoke at the Annual Banquet on "Illinois and Wisconsin Personalities in the Civil War"

October 6, 2002: The Chicago Civil War Cemetery Tour led by Jerry Feinstein replaced the monthly meeting.

June 14, 2003: Salt Creek establishes the Marilyn Steele Lifetime Achievement Award named after its founder to honor a member annually for his/hers outstanding dedication to the round table. The award is proposed by president Tony Cichantk and supported by the Board of Directors. It was decided the first recipient would be Marilyn Steele. On August 23, 2003 a group of four Salt Creek members including president Tony Cichantk, past-president Roger Bohn, secretary Jan Rasmussen, and historian Cindy Intravartolo drove to Marilyn’s home in Fort Wayne, Indiana and presented her with a framed certificate and etched crystal vase in appreciation for founding the organization.

June 20, 2003: Salt Creek sponsors the 10th Annual Concert of the 97th Regimental String Band.

September 20, 2003: The Midwest Civil War Collectors Show moved to a new location from the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton to the Midwest Conference Center in Northlake. The round table has set up a table at the show since 1985.

January 2004: Many changes took place with the New Year. The membership dues were raised to $30 from $25 to offset the increased costs of the round table. The last increase in dues took place in January of 2002. Dan McCarthy became the newsletter editor, replacing Rob Girardi who did the newsletter for over 10 years. After meeting at the College of DuPage since October 1987, the location of the meeting has been changed to the Lisle Hilton of Naperville.

May 7, 2004: The Annual Marilyn Steele Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to long time member Joyce Clark. Joyce has been an active member of the round table for over 25 years. She and her husband were newsletter editors from 1980-1988. Over the years she has made many contributions to the round table including her support at Civil War shows, donations to the annual auction and her continued attendance at the meetings.

June 18, 2004: The official web site of the SCCWRT is established and up and running thanks to the efforts of president Rick Zarr and newsletter editor, Dan McCarthy, whose students at Lyons Township High School (Evan Gorrick and team) developed the site: www.saltcreekcwrt.org.

June 3, 2005: The 3rd Marilyn Steele Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to long time member Don Sikorski at the annual dinner banquet. Don joined the round table in 1965 and has continued to be an active member for forty years. He has served on the board longer than any other Salt Creek member has, first as president from 1967- 1969. Then again from 1969 – 1981 as Corresponding Secretary and Newsletter editor, as well as, tour guide for many of the annual fall trips. He continued as Secretary from 1981 – 1991 for a grand total of 23 years of voluntary service. In addition he has provided us with at least 10 presentations throughout the years, many on his favorite subject, Robert E. Lee.

 December  2, 2005: Rick Zarr became the first president to be elected to serve a third consecutive term. This was made possible when the board members voted to amend the by-laws at the November board meeting.

¨  May 23, 2006: The Vacant Chair-Ron Kumnick, Sergeant-at-Arms and board member, passed away after a long illness. A memorial donation of $500 was presented to the Vicksburg National Military Park in his honor.

¨  August 24, 2006: The Vacant Chair-former president, Bill Thomas, passed away after a long illness. A memorial donation of $500 was presented to Johnson’s Island in his honor.

¨   August 31, 2006: The Vacant Chair-member Steve Stewart passed away after a long illness. A memorial donation of $500 was presented to the CWPT for the Perryville battlefield in his honor.

¨  October 7, 2006: The Vacant Chair-Margie Bearss, wife of Ed Bearss, passed away after a long illness. A memorial donation was presented to the CWPT in her honor.

¨   December 1, 2006: Rick Zarr became the first president to extend his service into a fourth term. This again was made possible when the board members voted to amend the by-laws at the November board meeting.

¨    March 30, 2007: The round table celebrated its 400th meeting. It was announced that since the round table began collecting for battlefield preservation in 1992, over $30,000 has been donated to various sites.

¨    June 1, 2007: Jerry Feinstein and Dan McCarthy were honored at the annual     dinner banquet for their outstanding efforts in raising funds during the annual battlefield auction. Since the round table began an auction in 1991 to raise funds for battlefield preservation, Dan and Jerry have served as auctioneers, and have helped collect over $30,000, money that has been donated to various battlefield sites. Each man was awarded a plaque for a job well done.

¨    December 7, 2007: After four years as president, Rick Zarr is finally able to hand over the reins to someone else. Jan Rasmussen graciously volunteered to assume the duties of president and give Rick a long overdue break.

¨       March 7, 2008: Eric Girardi, at age 16, became the youngest presenter in the 46 year history of the round table when he spoke on the 69th New York State Volunteers of the Irish Brigade. Civil War author and historian, Peter Cozzens, who was 17 when he spoke to the round table, previously held that distinction. 

¨       June 20, 2008: The 4th Marilyn Steele Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to a 20-yr veteran of Salt Creek, Roger E. Bohn, at the annual dinner banquet. Roger joined the round table in 1988 and has continued to be an active member. He became a board member in 1989. Roger was vice president in 1993 and when President Jim Soens became ill he took over the presidency in the middle of that year. He then served as president in ‘94 and ’95. He has been making the speaker’s plaques since 1991 taking over from Herman DeBoer. Along with participating in numerous panel discussions, he has given at least 7 formal presentations; many on his favorite subject the Civil War Navy. He has initiated several fund raising projects for battlefield preservation, in addition to, arranging banquets, procuring speakers and providing marketing ideas to promote the round table. In general, Roger has been the “Behind The Scenes Go-To-Guy” that gets things done.    

¨       December 23, 2008: The Vacant Chair-Former president, Jim Soens, passed away after a long illness. He was president in 1993. During his membership, he had made numerous presentations to the round table and was an active member with the 1st Michigan Engineers and Taylor’s Battery. A memorial donation was presented to the CWPT in his honor.   

January 15, 2010:
After meeting for 31 years on the 1st Friday of the month, the meeting was moved to the 3rd Friday. Originally the round table met on the last Friday of the month. In November of 1966 the meeting changed to the 3rd Friday and in December of 1979 it was moved to the first Friday of the month. 

       June 18, 2010: The 5th Marilyn Steele Service Award was presnted (in absentia) to a 21-yr veteran of Salt Creek, Cindy Intravartolo, at the annual dinner banquet. Cindy joined the round table in 1988 and has continued to be an active member. She became a board member 1995, secretary in 1996 and president in 1997. Following her presidency she became the round table's first historia maintaining the newsletter collection as well, creating and maintaining the round table's scrapbooks of activity. She felt very honored to become the 5th recipient of the award stating" To be amoung the group of such outstanding individuals such as Mariyn Steele, Joyce Clark, Don Sikorski and Roger Bond is indeed a humbling experience".

        September 2010 Paula Walker resigned as Treasurer and Jean Cairns volunteered to take over that position. The round table thanked Paula for her past service and welcomed Jean in her new position.

            November 12, 2010 Vice President, Robert I Girardi, was awarded the prestigious Nevins-Freeman Award at the 695th regular meeting of the Civil War Round Table. He joined a distinguished list of awardees, such as Bruce Catton and Ed Bearss.

¨       June 17, 2011: The 6th Marilyn Steele Service Award was presented to the current president, Jan Rasmussen. Jan joined the round table in 1991 and has continued to be an active member. She became secretary in 1995 and served in that position until 2008 when she graciously volunteered to be president. She’s been the “Official Schlepper” of the Salt Creek inventory transporting it to meetings and Civil War shows. Her dedication to the round table is outstanding and equal to the “last full measure” of her Minnesotans at Plum Run on that fateful day in Gettysburg, July 1863. 

¨       September 20, 2011: The Vacant Chair, Current Vice-President, Rick Benson, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a valuable member and great friend of the Salt Creek CWRT. He contributed to the newsletter by writing the summary of the speaker’s program. In addition, Rick was a frequent presenter of Andersonville commandant, Capt. Henry Wirz. Besides his local performances, his presentation has been given at the Andersonville National Historic site for the National Park Service. His passion and enthusiasm will be greatly missed. A memorial donation was made to Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL, in his memory. 

December 30, 2011 The Vacant Chair, Charter member , N.P. "Bob" Luginbill passed away at age 94. He was the first Vice Chairman of the round table when it was organized in 1962. He also served as the 4th president in 1965-66. He presented several presentations to the round table and was a long time resident of Glen Ellyn. A donation was made to the CWT for Appomattox, Sailor's Creek and Kelly's Ford in his memory.  

June 15, 2012: 50th Anniversary! Edwin C. Bearss spoke at the Annual Banquet on "Personal Milestones Along the Way; 50-years of Civil War Round Tables". A donation was made to the CWT for Shiloh in his honor for his presentation.

June 17,2012 The Vacant Chair, Long time member Mary Lord passed away at 83. Mary was the driving force getting our meeting into Oak Trace and served as liaison between the Oak Trace Management and the round table. She hosted the monthly meeting by setting up coffee and refreshments. She was a strong supporter of the round table for many years and she will be missed by the membership. A donation was made to the Belle Boyd House in her memory.

November 12, 2013: Huzzah! to Will Hunter for putting the round table on Facebook.

July 3, 2014: The Vacant Chair. Member Doug Ward passed away suddenly after a short illness. Ward Plaza was dedicated in July at the location of the historic Stacy’s Corner in Glen Ellyn in recognition of the many years that Doug and his wife Ruthann put forth to make this lovely new north gateway to Glen Ellyn a reality. Our condolences go out to his family. He will be greatly missed at our meetings.

August 16, 2014: The Vacant Chair. Longtime member Jerry Feinstein passed away after a long illness. Jerry will be remembered for organizing the annual Veteran’s Day Memorial service at Rosehill Cemetery. His dedication to that event never wavered even when he wasn’t feeling well. He organized three Chicago Cemetery tours for the round table and for many years ran the auction along with Dan McCarthy for Salt Creek raising thousands of dollars for battlefield preservation. He was a reenactor in the First Mighigan Engineers and a mentor to new recruits. In 2009 he was presented with a special plaque and pin from the Chicago Light Artillery for his outstanding service to the organization and the reenacting community in general. Sadly, Jerry’s wife, Joann, passed away on August 22, 2014. Our condolences go out to his family. He will be greatly missed at our meetings. A donation was made to the Civil War Trust for their Gettysburg project in memory of Jerry and Joann, as well as, a donation to the Rosehill Cemetery Veteran’s Day program in Jerry’s memory.

¨October 11, 2014: The Vacant Chair. Member William Sell passed away. He was a resident at Oak Trace and enjoyed attending the Salt Creek meetings very much. Our condolences go out to his family. He will be missed at our meetings.   

Other Facts and Trivia

Our FOUNDER and 1st secretary, Marilyn Steele, had an article, "The Amazing Ordeal of Private Joe Sherman", published in the first issue of Civil War Times Illustrated.

Don Sikorski a life-long admirer of Robert E. Lee participated in his first debate defending Lee as the war’s greatest general at the December 1965 meeting. Harold Thornburg, his opponent, defended General Ulysses S. Grant.

In the early years of Salt Creek, the February meeting was devoted to some aspect concerning Abraham Lincoln.

Memorabilia Night was once called Relics Night.

There were several years in which there was either no December or January meeting.

Beginning October 1995, the format of the meeting was changed to a "show and tell" session at 7:30 PM followed by the program speaker at 8 PM. This eliminated the Annual Memorabilia Night in December. December is now the Annual Battlefield Preservation Auction / Election Night.

Rob Girardi, Newsletter Editor, put out his 100th newsletter with the September 2001 issue. That’s a lot of envelopes to stuff!

In 2007 Treasurer Bill Hupp resigned after 13 years of dedicated service. The round table presented him with a plaque in appreciation for all his years of service.

January 20,2012: For the first time since January 1979 the round table meeting was cancelled due to a snow storm.

Cindy Intravartolo
Historian, SCCWRT
Updated January 2016

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